About Us



Well, here we are in our tenth year and still going strong!  

Westbury Festival runs its main festival for two weeks in September/October each year with a variety of events for the residents of Westbury and the surrounding areas highlighting the wealth of local talent and also the history, cultural facilities and the beautiful surrounding Wiltshire countryside.

From its early beginnings when local community organisations gave grants to help start the "Music Festival", the Festival has continued to grow with the 2016 Festival including more than 40 events reaching an audience of nearly 40,000 people.  The Festival has included theatre, choirs, opera, history, blues, children's events and much more.

In 2012, the Festival left the embrace of both Lions and Rotarians and became a freestanding committee and now has the potential to attract additional funding and sponsorship to help support the continuation of the Festival in the coming years.  More information on funding opportunities can be found on the Sponsorship and Friends pages and we can also be found on Facebook at Westbury Music and Arts Festival and on Twitter as @WestburyFestival.

We couldn't do all this without the support of local people and businesses and everyone else who helps in all sorts of ways so thank you and please keep supporting us.

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